You can create your own styles, but these are built in to get you started:

Painteresque 2

A refined version of the original Painteresque. It uses a softer approach that is a little bit cleaner in smooth areas such as skin or sky, but may not pull out the sharpest details quite as well.


Creates a simple print effect in a vintage color scheme reminiscent of old posters.

Colored Pencil

Provides a light, sketch effect in muted color. Fine-tuning the brightness (Grey Shift) can find the sweet spot for any particular image.


A black and white sketch effect.


A fun style that punches up the color for a whimsical storybook effect.


Plays with colors to create an other-worldly mood.


Selectively softens the image for an airbrush feel without blurring sharp edges.

Painteresque 1

The original Painteresque.

Do Nothing

Produces the original image unchanged. This is a useful starting point if you want to create a custom Style from scratch.