Painteresque is now available as both Android app you can download for $2 from the Android Market and an iPhone and iPad app that you can download for a penny less (don't ask why) from iTunes. This means you can now picture the world through an AI artist's eye by simply pointing and shooting with your iPhone or Android smartphone. How cool is that? How it Works Most image and photo filters are just plain boring. They mess up an image in one way or another, degrading its intelligibility in the hope that doing so will somehow make it more interesting. Yeah, right. Painteresque makes photographic images more interesting and compelling because it is is based on a model of the eye developed to enable an artificial intelligence to see. Instead of degrading the information in the image, Painteresque attempts to extract and intensify its most interesting and intelligible features. If you find something compelling or interesting in the resulting filtered images, maybe we are on the right track! Even if we are, though, it may take a while to finish building Hal's smarter brother. Meanwhile, you can borrow his eyes to take and share your own Painteresque photographs. More Painteresque Images You can see more Painteresque images at our Android Market page, at Painteresque on Facebook, in the Painteresque wall calendar, and in a small Picasa album. You can also check out Joe Petviashvili's striking Painteresque collection on Google+. If you would like us to considering sharing some of the Painteresque pictures you have taken with the world, you can give us permission by sending either copies or links to submissions at this domain.

Photograph, Bridge at Pont-Aven, copyright 2007 Helen DiCarlo; filtered image copyright 2007 Simon Funk.

"Painteresque" and the Painteresque camera logo are trademarks of Simon Funk.